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DNA Purification Kit    
DNA and RNA Purification Kits

The GeneAll® DNA and RNA Purification kit series are basic materials in molecular biological experiments and offer fast, accurate, convenient and reproducible methods. Every GeneAll® product is manufactured in strictly clean conditions and thoroughly quality-controlled from lot to lot, with stable and consistent quality guaranteed.

The GeneAll® SV column contains a silica membrane that binds DNA and easily applies to both centrifugation and vacuum protocols. The purification step is simple, all it takes is to bind-wash-elute, that is all. Under high salt condition, DNA binds to the silica membrane and impurities pass through the membrane into a collection tube. The membranes are washed with an ethanol-containing buffer to remove any traces of proteins, cellular debris, salts, remnant of agarose, enzymatic reaction components etc. Finally DNA is released into a clean collection tube with water or low ionic strength buffer.

Plasmid DNA Purification    
GeneAll® Exprep™ Plasmid Quick - for small-scale preparation of plasmid DNA from bacteria cells; can be used to isolate and purify plasmids from any E.coli strain.

GeneAll® Exfection™ Plasmid LE/EF - plasmid LE (Low Endotoxin) and EF (Endotoxin-Free) kits provide a simple and fast method for the purification of plasmid DNA with low endotoxin contaminants.

Fragment DNA Purification

GeneAll® Expin™ PCR SV - purifies DNA from PCR or other enzymatic reactions.

GeneAll® Expin™ GEL SV - purifies DNA fragments from agarose gel.

GeneAll® Expin™ CleanUp SV - purifies oligonucleotide and DNA cleanup from enzymatic reactions.

GeneAll® Expin™ Combo GP - combined kit of Expin™ Gel SV and Expin™ PCR SV.

Genomic DNA Purification

GeneAll® Exgene™ Tissue SV - isolates total DNA from tissues, cultured cells, and whole blood.

GeneAll® Exgene™ Blood SV - isolates total DNA from blood and derivatives.

GeneAll® Exgene™ Cell SV - isolates total DNA from gram positive/negative bacteria, cultured cell, yeast and etc.

GeneAll® Exgene™ Clinic SV - isolates total DNA from clinical tissues including whole blood.

GeneAll® Exgene™ Plant SV - isolates total DNA from plant cells and tissues.

GeneAll® Exgene™ GMO SV - isolates total DNA from various crops and its processed foods.

GeneAll® GenEx™ Genomic - isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood, cultured cell, yeast, bacteria, animal tissue, plant tissue, etc.

Total RNA Purification

GeneAll® RiboEx™ - isolates total RNA from samples of human, animal, plant, yeast, bacterial and viral origin.

GeneAll® RiboEx™_column - isolates total RNA from tissues and cultured cells.

GeneAll® RiboEx™ LS - for total RNA isolation from various liquid samples.

GeneAll® Ribo_clear™ - for RNA clean up from various RNA samples.


GeneAll® Enzyme, Taq DNA Polymerase - a recombinant enzyme derived from Thermus aquaticus, which is cloned and expressed in E. coli, possessing the same functions as the native enzyme.

GeneAll® Enzyme, α-Taq DNA Polymerase - a modified enzyme mixing Taq DNA polymerase with Pfu DNA polymerase which has proof-reading activity and also the ability to amplify a long PCR product (up to 20 kb).

GeneAll® Enzyme, Pfu DNA Polymerase - a recombinant modified enzyme derived from Pyrococcus furiosus, which is cloned and expressed in E. coli .